Online quotation

Our services begin in your country
I will go to Buenos Aires, what can I do if I want an online quotation?

If you are planning to come to Buenos Aires to receive dental treatment, you will need to know in advance how much you will spend on your smile. To receive the quote you must send an email to with some specifications.

¿What should contain the email I am going to send?
  1. The reason for your visit to Dental Square
  2. The diagnosis of your local dentist (if you had)
  3. The probable dates on which you want to travel
  4. The desired duration of the trip (this will depend on the treatment to be performed)
  5. High resolution photos of your mouth (which you can take yourself)
  6. X-rays scanned in high resolution. Panoramic or detailed
  7. Additional questions you have
¿How should I take the photos I will send by email?

We need to see:

  • Your gums (upper and lower) in the photos and make sure that your lips don’t cover the gums.
  • Your bite: take pictures of your teeth biting and your lips open (front and both sides)
  • The inside of your mouth while your jaws are open, it would be great to have a couple of photos of the inside of your mouth open

Please try to ensure the actual teeth are in focus; it may be easier if someone else helps you with this.

¿How should I send my X-rays?

You should take photos with your phone or a camera, you can do it by placing them against a window so that the light passes through it, for example, a clean window with a clear background during the day.

¿What happens after I send all my information?

Once we have all the information, our team will meet to study your case and propose different solutions according to the amount of time you have or based on your monetary availability. With this treatment proposal, the administration will elaborate an approximate budget.

The analysis of cases and the elaboration of online budgets doesn’t supplant the direct revision and the personal contact between the patient and the specialist. Any diagnosis or estimate will be adjusted after the first appointment at Dental Square.

¿What are the benefits of the online quote?

Less appointments – Which means more free time in Argentina.

Less surprises, because our diagnosis will be based on your photos and your x-rays. You will arrive at our office with an idea of your treatment and its costs.