Our Services


Missing teeth? Dental implants provide patients with greater comfort, enhancing their quality of life.


Orthodontic treatment restores function and aesthetics for a beautiful smile.

Teeth Whitening

Did you know your teeth can whiten up to four times their original color with our professionals?

Root canal

Keep your tooth and stop the pain — sounds better than a tooth extraction, right?

Crowns and bridges

Smile again! We place fixed or removable devices to replace your lost teeth.

Aesthetic Dental

We use techniques and materials that hide damage due to cavities, fractures or any other harm.

Invisible Aligners

It is a popular teeth-straightening solution for adults who want to avoid orthodontic braces.


Our patient comments

The lab which processed our “new teeth” took such an interest in our work, they called Dental Square every day to check on our progress and see how we were doing. Dr. Rubi arranged for the implant specialist and the peridontist, also fabulous professionals and specialists, TO COME TO OUR APPOINTMENTS, instead of our being sent to another office, as would be the case in the U.S.
Dr. Casares was so nice and professional, I could have almost cried with relief. She already had reviewed the x-rays my NYC dentist sent, confirming that nothing was clinically wrong. She went on to explain that the issue most likely was inflammation of the underlying ligaments due to constant use of the teeth – which had been exacerbated by stress.
After conferring with 4 other dentists I finallly decided on Dental Square and was totally pleased with the treatments, both professionally and socially. I was attended by Dra. Rubi Casares as well as 2 other specialists with all of whom I was very pleased. I felt as though all were genuinely interested in my long term well being as well as my immediate comfort. They re-arranged their schedules to accommodate my cramped schedule and were very fair in pricing.
My denstist is Dr Maria Rubi Casares Guillen from Dental Square. I wasn’t super sure about getting dental service away from home, but so far everything seems to be working out very well. She arranged to have a specialist come in today to perform wisdom teeth extraction on me as well (two lower ones). I believe there are other patients who comes in a for variety of dental work, and she arranges for other specialist come in if they are needed.

Our Staff

Dr. María Rubí Casares Guillén
Aesthetics and Dental Specialist.
Dr. Maylin Contreras
Periodontics Specialist.
Dr. Andrés Hipohorski
Specialist in Oral and Maxillofacial...