Functional Appliance

¿What is functional appliance?

It is a progressive form of treatment that straightens and guides the growth of the maxillary bones and the function of the facial musculature. By using removable appliances to get better results.

¿At what age is functional appliance treatment effective?

It works during the growth of the child, it means that orthopedics can be used from the age of four until approximately the age of 18. But, normally, it is used when children have primary dentition or are of age of replacement to permanent dentition.

¿Does functional appliance treatment works to correct any kind of cases?

There is a wide variety of functional removable appliances to apply in almost any kind of cases.

¿What are the advantages of using removable appliance for my child?

The removable appliances serve as a guide and correction during the growth of bones and improve muscle function, this helps to avoid future treatment with brackets or that the treatment with brackets be less complicated.