Preventive Care

¿When should I take my child to the Pediatric Dentist?

After about two years, children have the complete set of primary teeth in the mouth. That would be the best time for your son to meet his Pediatric Dentist. At this age we started with adaptation appointments and it is recommended that you do it every six months.

¿Why are primary teeth so important? Won’t the fall out anyway?

The primary teeth fulfill very important functions:

  • They contribute to the growth and development of the jaw bones
  • They allow the correct nutrition of the child and take care of their digestive system
¿When should I start brushing my child’s teeth?

From the moment the first tooth appears, it must be cleaned with gauze dampened with water, silicone thimble or small brush without toothpaste.

¿When do I start using toothpaste on my child? Can you use the same as mine?

The use of fluoride toothpaste in children is determined by the fact that they can spit or not. If the child does not spit, you can’t use fluoride because swallowing excess can cause fluorosis. After the child knows how to spit, they can use toothpaste for children with fluoride, because they have a milder flavor. There are few brands of toothpaste WITHOUT fluoride in the Argentine market, among them Weleda, which can be found in health food stores and some pharmacies.

¿What is Fluorosis?

Fluorosis is a cosmetic condition that affects the teeth. It’s caused by overexposure to fluoride during the formation of their teeth. If the teeth are affected by fluorosis they may appear mildly discolored.

¿Is using fluoride beneficial for children?

Yes! Because fluoride is incorporated into the chemical composition of the enamel and strengthens it to prevent future cavities. This application of concentrated fluoride should be done by a professional to avoid the risk of fluorosis.

¿When should my child visit the Pediatric Dentist for the application of fluoride?

After they are three years old, it is recommended that the child come to an appointment for the topically applied fluoride and control.