Dr. Maylin Contreras Guerra

Dra. Maylin Contreras Guerra

Dr. Maylin Contreras Guerra

Periodontic Specialist


Dentist of The Argentine Republic – Maimónides University (Argentina)

University Professor – Maimónides University (Argentina)

Periodontic Specialist – Central University of Venezuela

Master in Dental Implantology and Oral Rehabilitation – ESI Barcelona

Dentist of The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela – Central University of Venezuela


Advanced Course in Periodontal and Peri-Implant Plastic Surgery – IP San Pablo
The Use of Periodontal Surgery in Daily Practice – University of Buenos Aires
Principles of Plastic Surgery and Dental Aesthetic applied to Implant Placement and Rehabilitation with fixed and removable prosthesis – University of Buenos Aires
Practical Implantology – ESI Buenos Aires
Endodontics Intensive Course – ISB Santa Fe (Argentina)
Aesthetic Dentistry Today – Central University of Venezuela